Sunday, June 15, 2008

The problem!

Today while reading the Midland Reporter Telegram I read a letter to the editor entitled "Obama lacks experience in dealing with problems." This was written by Joan S. Nobles and is a very short sighted and misguided representation of Senator Obama's campaign. The article reads as follows:

Be careful for what you pray for, or for those who don't  pray may God help them. We asked for a democratic Congress, and received the worst in our nation's history. As i have written before, my working years were under the thumb of Democrats high taxes and bills that soon run small businesses, the rancher, and farmer out of business.
In good Texas lingo, Sen. Obama is a good talker, but can he honestly walk through the coming years with the world in such a tragic state? He's young, highly educated and seemingly a good lawyer, but folks, do we need a leader with so little "working" experience in how to deal with this highly volatile planet? And how do we pay  for all of these "wonderful things" he is promising/ Listen to what he's really saying and you will come away shake your head.
Sen. McCain has the working experience not only with Congress, but is a patriot who led, then served and suffered in our Navy. He has met time and time again with our generals and the brave men and women in the military, and world leaders. Where has Obama been? Who has he ever really talked to? And lastly, why did he surround himself with people who taught, and are now teaching hate, when he should have been learning from such greats as Colin Powell and Bill Cosby.
Lastly, we must keep Good in America for without his leadership, we will be lost.
Joan S. Nobles _Sunday June 15, 2008 Midland Reporter Telegram (Opinion Section)  

I feel that this representation needs to be addressed so I will write the best retort that I can to help clear up this mess of a letter. This kind of crap cannot stand!


Entreri514 said...

Good grief..feel like I'm in the twighlight zone here trying to leave a post..just wanted to drop a line to Mr Hightower..Thanks for the good words buddy and keep up the good work...

Entreri514 said...

And this is the kind of words we need to get used to..I think us winning 40% of the vote here in Midland will be an attainable goal..The republicans have been using lies and innuendo for MANY years now--it's the only way they can win a national election--they can't do it on the issues..Get used to it, and this author's words are hardly their best..The republicans have a great candidate in McCain. We need to be prepared to battle that..And I look forward to that battle..For now, though let's get our people on the same page (meaning let's bring in the Hillary supporters who understand that this election is more than any one man (or woman). This should be our primary goal till at least july 4th (and maybe beyond)..We MUST get our people together, both here AND beyond, if we want to get this thing...