Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time To Stand Up For What You Believe In

It is time for all of us to stand up for what we believe in. If we are ready for a change in the way politics in Washington are played we must stand up. It will be difficult and other still attack us for feeling and thinking differently than they do. The truth is we know it is time for change and the candidate that embodies that ideal is Senator Barack Obama. Keep working hard: making calls, canvassing neighborhoods, talking to neighbors, putting up signs, and slapping on bumper stickers. Our opposition can rip off our stickers, tear up our signs, and verbally harass us, but they can't stop the movement that has begun with this campaign. STAND UP! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Response

Hopefully this will end up in the Midland Reporter Telegram on Sunday:

In response to the letter by Joan S. Nobles

            There has been much talk about the experience of Senator Barack Obama and his ability to lead this country. Many criticize him by scaring those who have small businesses, farms, or even ranches by saying that he will raise the tax burden on them. This is simply propaganda. Senator Obama wants to provide more middle class tax relief to small business owners, farmers, and ranchers. He understands that right now in our current economic situation that the aforementioned business owners are being squeezed, and it is hard for them to get a fair price for their products. The help promised by Senator Obama will provide breaks for independent farmers and ranchers and not the large corporate agribusiness.            

            In last weeks editorials the question of experience was raised. It is hard to comprehend why so many buy this. Senator Obama’s life embodies hard work. He was raised by a single mother, attended school, graduated from college, and received a scholarship to one of our finest institutions of higher education. He then uses that education to help the people of Illinois by representing them in the State and the National Legislatures. How is all of that not good experience?

            Lastly, many have attacked and questioned Senator Obama’s faith, racial attitudes, and patriotism. Hopefully, we as a community understand that religion should never be used as a wedge to divide people. If we truly believe that we are a racially, culturally, and religiously tolerant people, then our politics should not fan the flames of ideas that would divide us. To suggest that Senator Obama should have only learned lessons of life through Bill Cosby and Colin Powell suggests a divide still present in our own community that should be addressed. Overall, there has been a pathetic attempt by the far right to tarnish the patriotism of this truly great American. But this type of tactic is to be expected when you are running against a man that says he is for “straight talk” when he is really speaking out of both sides of his mouth.     

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The problem!

Today while reading the Midland Reporter Telegram I read a letter to the editor entitled "Obama lacks experience in dealing with problems." This was written by Joan S. Nobles and is a very short sighted and misguided representation of Senator Obama's campaign. The article reads as follows:

Be careful for what you pray for, or for those who don't  pray may God help them. We asked for a democratic Congress, and received the worst in our nation's history. As i have written before, my working years were under the thumb of Democrats high taxes and bills that soon run small businesses, the rancher, and farmer out of business.
In good Texas lingo, Sen. Obama is a good talker, but can he honestly walk through the coming years with the world in such a tragic state? He's young, highly educated and seemingly a good lawyer, but folks, do we need a leader with so little "working" experience in how to deal with this highly volatile planet? And how do we pay  for all of these "wonderful things" he is promising/ Listen to what he's really saying and you will come away shake your head.
Sen. McCain has the working experience not only with Congress, but is a patriot who led, then served and suffered in our Navy. He has met time and time again with our generals and the brave men and women in the military, and world leaders. Where has Obama been? Who has he ever really talked to? And lastly, why did he surround himself with people who taught, and are now teaching hate, when he should have been learning from such greats as Colin Powell and Bill Cosby.
Lastly, we must keep Good in America for without his leadership, we will be lost.
Joan S. Nobles _Sunday June 15, 2008 Midland Reporter Telegram (Opinion Section)  

I feel that this representation needs to be addressed so I will write the best retort that I can to help clear up this mess of a letter. This kind of crap cannot stand!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Here We Go!

I have to say this campaign is not easy. There are people in our area who are so short sighted and superficial that will not even give Barack consideration (because he is a democrat and other more sinister reasons). However, in the same breath that I say that, there are others that are hungry for something new and willing to work to bring about change. Now is our time to work! There are even others that have been involved in Democratic politics for years saying we can't really do anything since we are the minority. While I respect their opinions and observation they are negative as to the end to which we can achieve. As long that is the ideal of the party we will not succeed. Even as a teacher I have not liked that. If a student tells me I can't do that because of this or that I always say "Yes you can, you just need to adopt a different attitude." Maybe that is why Barack has struck such a chord with me. In the beginning many didn't give him a chance to contend in this election and look at him now (the presumptive nominee). Those who question our ability to change our community I say this. YES WE CAN! It will not be easy, I actually guarantee it will be hard, and you will question what you are doing from time to time. You must work through this and understand we are on a fascinating journey together. Strap in ---- Here We Go!

The only way for us to begin winning is through small victories. Our Republican competitors can only be defeated with our successes. Remember that while we are running against the right we are running our own campaign and the success we encounter may be small, but it slowly chips away at the establishment.   

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Linkin Park - Hands Held High

Sunday, June 8, 2008

~ A U S T I N ~

After an exhausting two days in Austin I am finally home and able to get some rest. What a truly amazing experience. I have met some of the most incredible people this weekend. To all my new friends in Senate District 31, you all are amazing and I look forward to working with you all as we work on the general election! 

An unbelievable set of events transpired this weekend and I was selected as a delegate to the National Convention in Denver. Again to my friends in SD 31 thank you all for the opportunity to represent you. I will be forever grateful for you decision to send me, and I will share every moment will all of you through this blog. A special shout to Mike and Amelia: I could not have done this without you kindness and assistance. To: Chris McCormack- Thank you!, To: Dali Willis Thank You, To: Anthony Raphael Thank You!, To Veronica Fuentes: Thank You! To ALL of you who lent support I thank you... I don't want to leave anyone out, but I am exhausted. So THANKS TO ALL IN SD 31. 
Our work however is not even close to being complete. We have to work harder than we ever have to get Senator Obama elected president. Just get back to the basics. We all know how this works. We have been responsible for this huge turn out and now we must be responsible for an even larger turn out. We need to organize, get signs, get people registered to vote, get people fired up, and bring our Brothers and Sisters from the Clinton Campaign on board with us. We all must work together on this.
Last but most certainly not least thank you to my wife Jennifer and my kids (Abigail and Jackson) and the Lord above. Without you all on my side I would lack the inspiration necessary to do this. I love you all.     

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Off To The Convention

Tomorrow morning I will be flying in to Austin for the convention. I am so excited as I have recently been selected floor leader for the Obama delegates for Senatorial District 31. Again, I can't state how monumental this all is, but it pales in comparison to how much I will miss my family. I love you all for your support and as soon as the business concludes in Austin I'm coming home.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Soaking It All In

Today has been a great day. I have made several phone calls to our friends in the North (Amarillo) and I just have to say I am looking forward to meeting up with these extremely nice folks. I look towards Friday and the inner workings of the campaign process. Again it is very inspiring to be involved in something like this. I am a high school government teacher and I have taught my students about the election process, but it has been a totally different experience being involved in the campaign. I hope this weekend is enlightening and productive as we move the campaign a step closer to Washington DC through Austin.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

History Unfolding Before Us

Any moment Senator Obama will pass the threshold in delegates to become the Democratic Nominee. As I sit here reflecting on the work that we al have done, and think of all the people who told us that this moment would never happen I am very proud to say I support Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. The potential behind all of this is amazing. The potential restoration of greatness of this nation is upon us and we all need to understand the significance of this moment of history unfolding before us.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

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Exciting Time

As the Texas Democratic Convention nears, the excitement of the moment grows. The nomination process has been brutal yet we stand on the verge of a historic time in our nation. Many are unsure as to what the future holds, but the supporters of Senator Obama's presidency sum up our enthusiasm with one word, HOPE. Hope for a brighter future, a move towards a getting back to what has made this country great. The grassroots efforts that have grown over the past year have sent a call for renewal in the politics we address and the power we the people possess. Finally, we can feel confident that the highest office in our country will be responsive to the needs of the people. We have the opportunity to improve health care for all Americans (young to old and poor to wealthy). We can salvage our flawed education system by truly leaving no child behind and paying our teachers what they are worth. We can do so many things to repair the errors of the past eight years. However, It will take time, it will take initiative, but most importantly it is possible. I was reminded today that "attitude is everything." If we are so caught up in our personal problems that we feel hopeless and ignore the greater good that can be served with our efforts we can't move forward. Many are jaded by the way things are, and they feel that negativity is the only way to deal with adversity.  If this prevails we will never feel like anything we do will matter. Looking at my family every day makes me believe that anything is possible. Overall, I am truly blessed to have wonderful friends, family, children, and a wife that despite my flaws has always been by my side. Thanks to all, and let the countdown begin!