Monday, June 2, 2008

Exciting Time

As the Texas Democratic Convention nears, the excitement of the moment grows. The nomination process has been brutal yet we stand on the verge of a historic time in our nation. Many are unsure as to what the future holds, but the supporters of Senator Obama's presidency sum up our enthusiasm with one word, HOPE. Hope for a brighter future, a move towards a getting back to what has made this country great. The grassroots efforts that have grown over the past year have sent a call for renewal in the politics we address and the power we the people possess. Finally, we can feel confident that the highest office in our country will be responsive to the needs of the people. We have the opportunity to improve health care for all Americans (young to old and poor to wealthy). We can salvage our flawed education system by truly leaving no child behind and paying our teachers what they are worth. We can do so many things to repair the errors of the past eight years. However, It will take time, it will take initiative, but most importantly it is possible. I was reminded today that "attitude is everything." If we are so caught up in our personal problems that we feel hopeless and ignore the greater good that can be served with our efforts we can't move forward. Many are jaded by the way things are, and they feel that negativity is the only way to deal with adversity.  If this prevails we will never feel like anything we do will matter. Looking at my family every day makes me believe that anything is possible. Overall, I am truly blessed to have wonderful friends, family, children, and a wife that despite my flaws has always been by my side. Thanks to all, and let the countdown begin!


Amelia said...

This is awesome. I share all your sentiments. I cannot wait to hear your name read as one of our national delegates!!!!!! "Yes we can."