Friday, June 13, 2008

Here We Go!

I have to say this campaign is not easy. There are people in our area who are so short sighted and superficial that will not even give Barack consideration (because he is a democrat and other more sinister reasons). However, in the same breath that I say that, there are others that are hungry for something new and willing to work to bring about change. Now is our time to work! There are even others that have been involved in Democratic politics for years saying we can't really do anything since we are the minority. While I respect their opinions and observation they are negative as to the end to which we can achieve. As long that is the ideal of the party we will not succeed. Even as a teacher I have not liked that. If a student tells me I can't do that because of this or that I always say "Yes you can, you just need to adopt a different attitude." Maybe that is why Barack has struck such a chord with me. In the beginning many didn't give him a chance to contend in this election and look at him now (the presumptive nominee). Those who question our ability to change our community I say this. YES WE CAN! It will not be easy, I actually guarantee it will be hard, and you will question what you are doing from time to time. You must work through this and understand we are on a fascinating journey together. Strap in ---- Here We Go!

The only way for us to begin winning is through small victories. Our Republican competitors can only be defeated with our successes. Remember that while we are running against the right we are running our own campaign and the success we encounter may be small, but it slowly chips away at the establishment.   


Entreri514 said...

I responded on Obama's site to your post. If I may be so bold, our next step needs to be to seek out Hillary supporters. We will need all the help we can gather..Has anyone looked at HRC's site and looked for members from Midland/Odessa?