Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Response

Hopefully this will end up in the Midland Reporter Telegram on Sunday:

In response to the letter by Joan S. Nobles

            There has been much talk about the experience of Senator Barack Obama and his ability to lead this country. Many criticize him by scaring those who have small businesses, farms, or even ranches by saying that he will raise the tax burden on them. This is simply propaganda. Senator Obama wants to provide more middle class tax relief to small business owners, farmers, and ranchers. He understands that right now in our current economic situation that the aforementioned business owners are being squeezed, and it is hard for them to get a fair price for their products. The help promised by Senator Obama will provide breaks for independent farmers and ranchers and not the large corporate agribusiness.            

            In last weeks editorials the question of experience was raised. It is hard to comprehend why so many buy this. Senator Obama’s life embodies hard work. He was raised by a single mother, attended school, graduated from college, and received a scholarship to one of our finest institutions of higher education. He then uses that education to help the people of Illinois by representing them in the State and the National Legislatures. How is all of that not good experience?

            Lastly, many have attacked and questioned Senator Obama’s faith, racial attitudes, and patriotism. Hopefully, we as a community understand that religion should never be used as a wedge to divide people. If we truly believe that we are a racially, culturally, and religiously tolerant people, then our politics should not fan the flames of ideas that would divide us. To suggest that Senator Obama should have only learned lessons of life through Bill Cosby and Colin Powell suggests a divide still present in our own community that should be addressed. Overall, there has been a pathetic attempt by the far right to tarnish the patriotism of this truly great American. But this type of tactic is to be expected when you are running against a man that says he is for “straight talk” when he is really speaking out of both sides of his mouth.     


Entreri514 said...

Having been raised by as single mother (a teacher) I feel that I have at least a little in common with Mr. Obama. And while I had (and still have) a decent father I can still argue with today, Barack doesnt even have that privalage nor did he ever as far as I can tell..Sounds like we need more candidates from the "school of hard knocks"..

Outstanding letter!! I hope it gets published and let us know if it does..Youre right about the myth of increased taxes for everyone--increased taxes would only go for those who can bear the cost of them. I've heard Barack speak often of the need for change "from the bottom up"..Lower taxes CAN help stimulate the economy, but only when given to those (like middle and working class) who are already stretched thin and who will SPEND the extra savings from less taxes. Multimillionaires with huge savings accounts hardly notice a drop in taxes and have already spent money on everything they want anyway. Whats an extra 10-20K for some of them anyway?? If you give me (a pizza delivery driver) $500, I'm gonna spend it (and probably on a If you give 20K to someone living in the country club, they'll just have a neglegable increase in their savings account. I fail to see where McCain's idea to maintain the tax breaks for the richest in this country is going to stimulate the economy..