Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moving Midland Forward

Throughout this very interesting campaign season we have worked hard to change our idea of politics here in Midland and around the great State of Texas. It is difficult at times to stay focused on the campaign since all of the media attention seems to keep saying that Texas is a "Red" state and that "its a lock for John McCain." Plus our everyday lives are more complex because we want to provide the best for our family and friends during hard times, and often don't have spare time for a presidential campaign. Others say "it is too early to be working on the November campaign in July," and others say "your gonna burn people out on all this Obama Change stuff." 

While I can see the point in the logic of my friends and opponents, I respectfully disagree with them. Now, as I have said before, is the time for us to start working just as hard as we were during the primary campaign. So much is at stake in this election and it is our responsibility to get active and get involved. 
Over the next few weeks there will be a series of meeting held by the Midland Supporters of Barack Obama. It is the mission of these meeting to find new and meaningful ways to get more people enthused and involved with this historic presidential campaign. There is much to be done and we must organize and mobilize our friends, families, and neighbors so that when the votes are counted in Midland County everyone can see that we are not only ready for change, but that we mean business.